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On Bankruptcy: How hitting rock bottom can make Stockton stronger in the long run

By the end of this week, Stockton will have formally declared for chapter 9 bankruptcy protection in what will go down as possibly the most infamous day in the 162 year history of the city. No matter your stance on the issue, bankruptcy is now a foregone conclusion. The real question now is how will […]

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Spanos is focusing on more sustainable development, but until that development occurs within city limits, it should still be dubbed as sprawl

Spanos taking greener approach to growth, but sprawl still an issue

For the past 20 years, growth on the city’s northern border has been generally defined by one company: AG Spanos. With its low-density approach, incorporating winding streets with gated communities and no retail– except, of course, for the mega mall that is Park West Place– Spanos’ developments in North Stockton serve as the antithesis to […]

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Fighting obesity with smart growth: how Stockton’s sprawl contributes to the city’s high obesity rate

Back in 1972, Stockton was the backdrop for “Fat City,” a classic boxing movie. As it turns out, that movie title could just as easily refer to the city’s development pattern which has unknowingly contributed to Stockton’s obesity problem for the last 50 years.

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Alive and kicking: Stockton is not a “dying city”

When I tell people I am from Stockton, I get one of two responses: either “where is that?” or “oh, I heard it is rough out there.” The first question is easy to deal with. The second requires a much more nuanced conversation. While the city clearly does not have a sparkling reputation, I generally […]

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SCL now on Twitter!

Great news: Stockton City Limits has joined the Twittersphere! You can now follow me @STK_City_Limits for the latest news and musings regarding growth and development in the city of Stockton. Thanks again for all of the support thus far and for helping to spread a positive, constructive discourse about our city and its future. -David

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The Land Hotel in Downtown Stockton may become a park, or a parking lot

Turn downtown’s old hotels into parks, not parking lots

On my recent trip back home to Stockton, I took some time to hang out downtown. As I strolled along the waterfront around Weber Point taking in the scenery, I noticed a large number of school children utilizing the park. Some kids were playing soccer and others running around on the jungle gym. Turns out […]

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The anti Wal-Mart: How a Whole Foods in Stockton could increase economic development and revitalize neighborhoods

Last week, I discussed the effects of Wal-Mart stores on the communities they enter. Many studies show a strong correlation between the presence of Wal-Marts and a decrease in area employment, depressed wages and even the presence of hate groups. Clearly, the body of evidence does not work in Wal-Mart’s favor. Really, it is not […]

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Homes in the Tuxedo Park neighborhood near UOP benefit from tree planters (photo credit: Ted Holzem, Mintier & Associates)

Trees: Stockton’s stoic crime fighters

Stockton has a lot of crime; this is no secret. Stockton also benefits from a tremendous tree canopy and was once named “Best Tree City.” Is there a correlation between crime and trees? Yes, but maybe not the kind you were thinking of. While Stockton suffers from soaring crime rates, evidence shows the presence of […]

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walmart sign

The Wal-Martization of Stockton: Are three Wal-Marts good for the city?

This summer, Stockton will celebrate the opening of a Super Wal-Mart in Spanos Park West. The store will be the city’s second Super Wal-Mart, the first on Hammer Lane near Highway 99. In Weston Ranch, there remain plans to include a Wal-Mart to anchor the planned Weston Ranch Towne Center project just off of Interstate […]

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