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Jimmie Rishwain selfishly delays construction of downtown school

As reported yesterday in the Record, Former Mayor Jimmie Rishwain has thrown a wrench into the highly anticipated plan to bring more children downtown with the K-4 TEAM Charter School. The proposed school seems like a win-win: downtown buildings get reused for constructive purposes, eliminating blight while school children get a new place to learn. […]

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Downtown Stockton's large, historic buildings offer an economic opportunity for the city

Joe Minicozzi: downtown offers economic opportunity for Stockton

Driving down highway 99 on a recent trip through the Central Valley, Joe Minicozzi saw a highway sign for downtown Stockton and decided to take a short detour into the city. On his way downtown by way surface streets, Minicozzi witnessed what many Stockton residents deal with on a daily basis: prostitution, homelessness, run-down buildings. […]

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scl att bldg

The top 5 buildings in Stockton that deserve to be demolished

I recently stumbled upon an article from California Home and Design listing the top 25 buildings around the country that deserved to be demolished right now. The article lists a number of different kinds of aesthetically displeasing buildings, from city halls to malls to whole neighborhoods. While browsing some of the worst architectural and functional […]

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downtown development is a more efficient economic development strategy, bringing in tax dollars at a more efficient rate per acre than traditional commercial and residential developments on the outskirts of the city.

How to save the general fund: bring development downtown

For years, Stockton has expanded outward, banking on the proliferation of single family homes and strip malls to keep the city’s coffers full. Last week, city leaders filed for chapter 9, making clear that this economic development strategy is no longer viable. Rather than a continued focus on expanding the city’s footprint, it actually makes […]

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