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It’s not the recession’s fault: how the education gap in Stockton creates a structurally unsound economy

Earlier this month, the Bureau of Labor and Statistics released employment data for July, and Stockton’s unemployment rate ticked up to 15.1%. Eight Central Valley cities rank in the bottom eleven out of 372 metro areas in the country for unemployment. But while the recession has taken away many construction, manufacturing and retail jobs, white […]

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The intersection of Thornton and Eight Mile Road, where development threatens to take over farmland north of the city

Policies to save farmland: How cities use different planning tools to curb excessive growth

Today, the city council will discuss settling a long-standing lawsuit with developers over a provision that is intended to preserve open space and farmland within large developments. As it stands, the Agriculture Mitigation Ordinance requires developers to acquire conservation agreement for land equivalent to the size of the development for projects over 40 acres. Under […]

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Eminent domain to the rescue? How cities may use the controversial law to help underwater homeowners

Eminent domain is always a touchy topic to bring up. Usually, the utilization of eminent domain is met by fierce protest from those who stand to have their homes razed for a new airport, railway or other project deemed a “public use.” In Stockton, eminent domain was used to clear a path for the crosstown […]

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SCL buy local logo

The cash mob mentality: the economic case for Stocktonians to shop locally

On Friday, August 3rd, Stocktonians filed in to Whirlow’s Tossed and Grilled on Pacific Avenue to show their appreciation and support for the Miracle Mile restaurant. Today, August 16th, a similar phenomenon is taking place at Capital Donuts in the College Square shopping center. Both of these events are not random, and represent a new […]

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Metro Express picking up at the campus of UOP- courtesy San Joaquin RTD

Can Metro Express foster Transit Oriented Development in Stockton?

With the introduction of Bus Rapid Transit, Stockton residents now have an efficient and effective method of transportation along some of the city’s most vital corridors. Metro Express’s amenities put it on par with many other Bus Rapid Transit systems around the country, and city riders have taken advantage, pushing ridership numbers to heights not […]

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Courtesy San Joaquin RTD- Metro Express 40 cruises down Pacific, providing many of the same benefits as a rail system, at a fraction of the cost.

How Stockton’s Bus Rapid Transit improves public transportation and spurs economic development (Part 1)

Back in the roaring 20s, Stockton, like most cities of its size, had an extensive rail system, boasting 28 miles of track and as many as 40 streetcars. Taking public transportation was commonplace, with fares costing just five cents and trolleys arriving every five minutes. But as the 20s ended, the 30s ushered in the […]

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Stockton metro to reach 1 million people by 2042, but where will they live?

Recently, the US Conference of Mayors commissioned a study which included the projected growth of nearly all US metro areas by 2042, including Stockton. The report predicted that our area will surpass one million residents– 1,077,200 to be exact– in thirty years, which puts the region’s growth rate at a whopping 52.5%. Going through the […]

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