Archive | September, 2012

Project Ceasefire: Understanding Stockton’s new crime fighting initiative

On Tuesday, the city council voted to implement a crime fighting strategy known as Project Ceasefire in an effort to combat against Stockton’s rising violent crime. Faced with dwindling resources and increasingly fearless criminals, Stockton’s police department has been overwhelmed. Could Project Ceasefire– a program that has shown great success in other cities and even […]

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Brookings: Stockton ranks 37th in the country for recovery performance

Good economic news is tough to find these days in Stockton. Unemployment, while receding, remains excruciatingly high, the housing industry is stagnant, and, lest we forget, the city is trudging its way through bankruptcy. Judging by these factors, Stockton is mired squarely in the doldrums, so much so that our Bakersfield neighbors to the south […]

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Building a foundation: Downtown AGAIN! takes first steps towards preserving Stockton’s historic buildings

Christina Frankel has an aversion to horror movies, which is ironic, because the shuttered Commercial Building in downtown Stockton comes across as an ideal setting for a slasher film. Rusty bathroom fixtures, plaster and pigeon feathers line the floor– where there still is a floor. There is even the occasional empty Cheetos bag, a reminder […]

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