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Source: 2008-2009 Waterfront and Fremont Park Neighborhood Master Plan

Tuesday notes: Dameron, Dan Cort, and the waterfront

Happy Tuesday, everyone. No new content today, though some interesting news and notes caught my attention in the last week that I think deserve some attention:

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The right way to develop Stockton’s waterfront

Mike Fitzgerald had a great column yesterday lamenting the fact that Stockton has turned its back on its waterfront land. I couldn’t agree more. Our geographic location on the Delta provides a tremendous opportunity to truly distinguish Stockton from other Central Valley cities. But there was one portion of the column in particular that grabbed […]

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Dean DeCarli Square was formerly home to a parking lot and gas station, and required extensive environmental cleanup.

Sequestration in the City: How the impending “fiscal cliff” could harm development at the local level

Last week, the country reelected President Barack Obama, and before the confetti could even hit the floor, the attention turned to the next hurdle looming for our lawmakers: the fiscal cliff. On January 2nd, deep cuts to the federal government are slated to go into effect unless Congress can agree on a deal to avoid […]

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the Glen Oaks townhomes in North Stockton

The limits of density in Stockton

As you probably know, this site advocates for smart growth policies to help address the issues facing the city. A key aspect of smart growth is managing density, and on the surface, the city of Stockton has not planned very well in this regard. Specifically, Stockton has experienced an incredible proliferation of low density single […]

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SCL american flag

Smart growth: the ultimate bipartisan issue

Today, citizens will head to the polls to vote on the future of the country, state, and city. Throughout this campaign season, there have been many issues that have proven to be divisive, providing a clear contrast between candidates and political parties. But some issues and policies transcend ideology, garnering bipartisan support. The way we […]

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