Archive | December, 2012

Is there a farmland bubble?

The Los Angeles Times came out with a story this morning about a recent surge in farmland prices. According to the Times, more and more investors are swooping in and gobbling up California farmland– including in the Central Valley– Contributing to a spike in land prices. Coupled with increasing Chinese demand for American produce as […]

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Brookings: Stockton 17th in country for “recovery performance”

The Brookings Institution has released their Metro Monitor update for December 2012, and the data for the Stockton region is mixed. As mentioned before on this site, Brookings uses employment, economic output and housing data to determine which cities are recovering fastest in relation to the worst of the recession. In September’s Metro Monitor, Stockton […]

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What can be done to stop absentee landlords?

Yesterday, Councilman Paul Canepa suggested that absentee landlords are the driving force behind deteriorating neighborhood conditions. And at first glance, he makes a good point. “When you have people who don’t care about neighborhoods, they’re renting to people and they don’t see what’s going on, it’s the main root of the problem,” said Canepa, quoted […]

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