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Source: Metro Monitor Dashboard, the Urban Institute

Urban Institute: Stockton unemployment falling, jobs and housing prices rising

“Over the past year, unemployment fell, 4,500 jobs were created, and housing prices rose.”

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Today in cartography: Stockton transportation in two maps

I love a good map, and last week I came across a pair of very impressive ones, each telling a different story of the state of transportation in Stockton.

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Tuesday night, the Stockton City Council decided to schedule a study session to delve into the topic of reducing Public Facility Fees for single-family home development

Report: Demand for infill development rising while support for sprawl wanes in Central Valley

Anyone who follows this site knows that I strongly advocate for smart growth policies, infill development and walkable communities with a mixture of various residential, retail and commercial uses. However, I have noticed that while generally supportive of these concepts, many believe that no one in Stockton wants to live in these areas, or that […]

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Is widening I-5 worth the cost?

Why widening Interstate 5 in Stockton is not worth the money

Driving along Interstate 5 in Stockton is not a pleasant experience these days: the pavement is littered with potholes, heavy equipment dominates the landscape and shoulder access is restricted by concrete barriers. But many Stocktonians don’t mind the inconvenience because the $262 million lane-widening project signals progress. Likewise, Highway 99 will be upgraded and expanded […]

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SCL one way sign

Simple Fix: turn downtown one-way streets into two-ways

Driving in downtown Stockton can be quite confusing, with its array of one-way streets. If you miss your destination, it could take a few extra blocks before you can turn around. If there aren’t many cars, it’s easy to overlook one-way signs, leading to dangerous situations. It’s so intimidating that when I was preparing to […]

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Could Stockton use eminent domain to stop foreclosures?

On Tuesday, I attended a panel discussion at the Center for American Progress on the use of eminent domain to stop foreclosures. This controversial program is being seriously considered by dozens of cities, including some in the Central Valley. After the panel, I was able to catch up briefly with Steven Gluckstern, Chairman of Mortgage […]

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Rendering for Cort Companies' proposed University House- Credit Cort Companies

SCL Exclusive: Dan Cort, the interview

When it comes to downtown Stockton redevelopment, no one has been more successful than Dan Cort. Cort started out renovating Victorian homes in the Magnolia District and today his portfolio includes such historic downtown buildings as Cort Tower and the Kress Building. He also penned the book “Downtown Turnaround: Lessons for a New Urban Landscape,” […]

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Asparagus gets a bailout, but may also cure your hangovers

While doing research on the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012– better known as the fiscal cliff deal– I came across a curious piece of funding for Stockton’s patron vegetable: asparagus. According to NBC News, the fiscal cliff deal includes “A tax break worth about $15 million a year for asparagus growers hit hard by […]

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