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Economic Development Director Wendy Saunders leaving Stockton for position with Sacramento development organization

SCL learned Tuesday that Economic Development Director Wendy Saunders will be leaving Stockton to take over as Executive Director at the Capitol Area Development Authority (CADA) in Sacramento. Saunders informed the city of her decision last week.

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The same stretch of Miner Avenue as envisioned in the Miner Avenue Streetscape Master Plan

Miner Avenue gearing up for a comeback as a “Complete Street”

Traveling down Miner Avenue is not a particularly pleasant experience. Used car dealerships, vacant storefronts and auto repair shops dot the landscape amongst an expanse of empty lots. But despite its rough appearance, this once-thriving avenue is gearing up for a comeback; the city is pursuing a major overhaul of Miner Avenue that will facilitate […]

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Will the SJ general plan help preserve farmland? (Courtesy Michele Valentinuz)

Monday notes: SJ General Plan, White House update, and Forbes

Today’s installment of news and notes includes the county’s update to its general plan, an update on President Obama’s pledge to help the country’s hardest-hit cities, and the 2013 release of the Forbes Most Miserable list. San Joaquin County General Plan to limit sprawl? The San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors meet last week to […]

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Cort Companies has proposed moving City Hall into Cort Tower

Stockton City Hall search update

Last December, the city put out a Request for Information (RFI) for new office space. With the current City Hall in serious need of repairs and the Washington Mutual building on Main Street lost to foreclosure, Stockton’s leaders are looking for a new place to call home. Since the RFI application deadline last month, the […]

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Will Barack Obama's administration be sending help to Stockton?

Wednesday notes: Obama, Walmart, Amtrak, & Healthcare

Today’s installment of news and notes includes President Obama’s State of the Union address and what it means for Stockton; Crime around Walmart; the city’s rising Amtrak ridership numbers; and the Daily Beast’s best and worst healthcare cities. President Obama addresses plight of cities: Last night, President Obama delivered the State of the Union address, […]

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America’s most illiterate city is….Bakersfield

As you may recall, Stockton was once given the mantle of “most illiterate city.” And while we have missed out on this prestigious designation for the last two years, the title has remained in the Central Valley, as 2012’s most illiterate city is none other than our neighbor to the south: Bakersfield.

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SCL STK I5 sign

Urban Mobility Report: Stockton traffic not so bad

Judging by the obscene amount of money being spent widening Interstate 5 and Highway 99, it would be easy to conclude that Stockton is in the grips of unbearable gridlock. However, new data from the Texas A&M University Transportation Institute suggests that Stockton area commuters actually enjoy more favorable traffic conditions than most major metro […]

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Wednesday notes: Stockton tops the charts in diversity; homicide rate plummeting; maritime museum planned for waterfront; and EVI teams up with UPS

This past week saw a number of happenings in the Stockton area. Here are some news, notes and musings on recent events and topics. Happy Wednesday! 2013 Stockton homicides well below 2012 pace- There was sad news over the weekend as Stockton suffered its first homicide of 2013. While tragic, it should be noted that […]

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Data shows that fewer Ame

Even more evidence against one-way streets: they don’t reduce traffic

Last month, I wrote about the benefits of converting one-way streets into two-ways, noting how this switch could help with the revitalization of Downtown Stockton. Making this relatively simple change creates a safer environment for pedestrians while increasing visibility for businesses along these streets, providing an economic boost. As noted in my article, one-ways were […]

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