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Can a Broken Windows approach to crime fighting lower violent crime in Stockton?

Why a Broken Windows approach to crime may not work in Stockton

On Tuesday, Mayor Silva held a press conference promoting his crime-fighting initiative, Stockton Safe Streets. The plan includes an increase in the sales tax to fund 100 new police officers, among other things. Aside from the argument of whether or not this proposal would complicate Stockton’s bankruptcy proceedings, or if it aligns with the city’s […]

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Stockton stands to benefit tremendously from California's high speed rail sysetm

How Stockton will benefit from high-speed rail

This summer, work will begin on the country’s first true high-speed rail project— California High Speed Rail. The first line of tracks will be put down in the Central Valley, stretching roughly 114 miles from Fresno to Bakersfield. Eventually, the line will connect Los Angeles and San Diego with the Bay Area and Sacramento. While […]

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Fresh & Easy was planning to bring "five to six" stores to Stockton.

Thursday notes: Fresh & Easy, county health rankings and Pacific basketball

Happy first day of March Madness, everyone. Today’s news and notes section includes the plight of Fresh & Easy– the neighborhood grocery store that was slated to open in Stockton, San Joaquin County’s 2013 health rankings, and Pacific’s return to the big dance.

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Research shows a link between walking or biking to school and the ability to concentrate.

Education and the built environment: How walking and biking to school helps students learn better

Growing up, I was fortunate to live close enough to my elementary school in Stockton that I could walk or bike everyday. Once I was old enough, I made the daily half-mile trek from my home near Kelly Drive, over Mosher Slough to Wagner Holt. Today, a half mile is nothing, but back then, it […]

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Thank you, Stockton! SCL celebrates one full year of blogging

One year ago, on March 14, 2012, I posted my very first article on SCL: a story on Stockton’s population shift over the past ten years. I am pretty sure no one read it, but I appreciated having an outlet to write about issues facing Stockton that I felt were important. SCL was started with […]

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Some feel that smart growth principles are actually a threat to their personal liberties.

Smart growth or Socialism? Debunking the myths of Agenda 21

A few weeks ago, Christina Frankel– the local architect spearheading the effort to restore the Commercial Building in Downtown Stockton– wrote an article in the Tracy Press discussing the website Walkscore. She described how the site ranks the “walkability” of certain cities and neighborhoods based on proximity to various amenities such as parks, schools, and […]

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Pacific Head Coach Bob Thomason coaches his final game at the Spanos Center Saturday night

Friday Notes: Coach Thomason’s last home game, a new Brownfields bill, City Hall search update and more

Here are SCL’s news and notes for Friday, March 8th. Today I discuss Coach Bob Thomason’s final game at the Spanos Center, new Brownfields program legislation, the search for a new City Hall and more. Have a great weekend! Bob Thomason coaching last game in Stockton This Saturday, longtime Pacific men’s basketball coach Bob Thomason […]

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Commercial Building storefront with public art displays

Downtown Stockton’s Commercial Building gets a face lift

Last September, SCL profiled architect Christina Frankel’s effort to spruce up the derelict Commercial Building downtown. When last visited, the building was in pretty bad shape: leaky roof, piles of debris, unsecure entryways, and graffiti. Today, the building looks a lot better as Frankel, the city and the Downtown Stockton Alliance worked together to patch […]

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Many of the rooms have sweeping views of the waterfront-- including this one from one of six penthouses

The University Lofts: Proof that people want to live in Downtown Stockton

Entering the University Plaza Waterfront Hotel on a Friday evening, it’s hard to imagine that this downtown project was once considered a flop. A steady stream of residents and hotel guests trickle in and out of the building while throngs of Thunder fans enjoy a pre-game meal in the hotel’s restaurant and bar. It is […]

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