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Sprawl and floods don't mix

How sprawl makes flooding worse

This month, residents along Stockton’s Smith Canal face a tough choice: pay extra for a canal head gate to protect against rising water or continue purchasing costly flood insurance. According to FEMA, these residents live in a flood zone (despite the fact that Smith Canal has never flooded) and need to protect themselves. Because we […]

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2013 may be the last year that the Asparagus Festival is held downtown as officials are considering a move to the county fairgrounds

Asparagus Festival may leave Downtown Stockton next year

This weekend, over 100,000 people will fill Downtown Stockton to take part in the city’s most cherished tradition: The Asparagus Festival. Patrons will enjoy live bands, various activities, plenty of spirits, and, of course, copious amounts of asparagus prepared in an assortment of ways. Sadly, this may be the last time the festival will be […]

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Near by stores such as Target and Petsmart stand to lose business to the Super Wal-Mart opening up across the street in Spanos Park West

How better zoning can curb crime

Last year, I wrote about the effect that planning can have on crime, noting that a well-planned city or community can have a direct affect on public safety. Even more recently, I have mused about how crime seems to revolve around Stockton’s big box retailers, namely Walmart. Probably not coincidentally, some new research has emerged […]

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Tuesday night, the Stockton City Council decided to schedule a study session to delve into the topic of reducing Public Facility Fees for single-family home development

Who owns Stockton? Investors make up 46% of home sales over past six months

In recent months, Central Valley housing prices have rapidly improved. In particular, Stockton has posted double-digit percentage increases in home prices over last year, better than the national average. However, new research I have done with SCL shows that Stockton’s housing market appears to be heavily driven by investors, the majority of which reside outside […]

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SCL CB cornice after

Wednesday notes: high-speed rail, the Commercial Building, and allergies

Today’s SCL news and notes include a new report on California High Speed Rail estimates, downtown’s Commercial Building preservation efforts, and Stockton’s low-allergy advantage. Stockton City Limits featured in the Central Valley Business Journal I would like to thank the good people at the Central Valley Business Journal for giving me an opportunity to write […]

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