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Stockton should revise planning policies to reflect new demand for apartments, townhomes and condos in walkable neighborhoods.

Thursday notes: Lots of news about downtown development

I hadn’t planned on posting anything today, but there was a flurry of news reported today in The Record regarding Downtown Stockton that warranted discussion. Also, data organized by Forbes shows that people are moving into the Stockton region at a higher pace than are leaving. Take a look! Community Development Department considers boosting development […]

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Why the Mayor’s police housing incentive program was a good idea

Earlier this year, the city of Stockton was embroiled in a battle between two competing crime initiatives: Mayor Silva’s Stockton Safe Streets plan and the long-awaited city Marshall Plan. Eventually, the Mayor’s plan was withdrawn and support was thrown behind the Marshall Plan to be placed on the ballot in November, where Stocktonians will decide […]

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Waterfront neighborhood, or secret socialist enclave? Agenda 21ers may see this sketch of a proposed Stockton neighborhood and feel threatened by the United Nations.

SCL responds to the Building Industry Association of the Greater Valley

Last week, on Mike Fitzgerald’s blog, John Beckman of the Building Industry Association of the Greater Valley returned to respond to my latest article on transportation and housing costs. Regular readers of SCL will remember Mr. Beckman from my post in early June where I challenged his argument against smart growth. Mr. Beckman countered in […]

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There is already enough single-family housing to meet demand through 2050, according to recent market research

Stockton is less affordable than the Bay Area because of sprawl

One of the things Stockton has that other larger cities in the state do not is relatively affordable housing. You can buy a good sized three bedroom house for the amount it costs to pay rent in a studio basement apartment in San Francisco. Our lower cost of living is one of the big reasons […]

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The San Joaquin Soccer Alliance (SJSA) brings together the area's top soccer talent each year, providing an opportunity for players to showcase their skills for college recruits (Photo c/o SJSA)

Native Stocktonians give back through soccer

In my one year-plus of blogging about Stockton, I have been consistently and pleasantly surprised by the number of people I have met who have taken it upon themselves to stand up for the city, whether it’s creating a nonprofit, organizing a community event, or simply having a positive attitude in the face of overwhelmingly […]

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Will Stockton's new city hall space be at 400 E. Main Street?

Foreclosed building may be site of new Stockton City Hall

Earlier this year, the city solicited bids for new city hall space. With the current building in dire need of upgrading, city leaders thought it necessary to relocate, at least temporarily. While the city has not officially settled on a location, SCL has learned that officials are strongly considering moving into 400 E. Main Street—formerly […]

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