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How SJCOG will transform growth and development in Stockton

Over the past year, I have written at length about how Stockton should grow in the future and how smart growth policies can bring stability and vitality to our region. All the while, there has been a plan in the works that will greatly affect what our cities will look like for decades to come. […]

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There is already enough single-family housing to meet demand through 2050, according to recent market research

Wednesday notes: Help shape San Joaquin’s future, the Hyperloop hype, and SCL on Podcast Stockton

Today’s installment of News and Notes discusses the San Joaquin Council of Government’s (SJCOG) Sustainable Communities Strategy, the Hyperloop, and SCL’s appearance on Podcast Stockton! Help decide how the Central Valley should grow

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SCL Weber Ave phase 2 small

Weber Avenue Beautification Project to be completed

Last week, The Record reported that the city has secured funds to complete a streetscape project along Downtown’s Weber Avenue. As you’ve probably noticed, East Weber Avenue is currently only enhanced up to Stanislaus street. After this block, the pedestrian experience becomes rather uninviting. However, newly procured Transportation Enhancement grant money will allow the city […]

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The math behind Fresno’s smart growth plan

Over the past two months, John Beckman of the Building Industry Association of the Greater Valley and I have engaged in a debate via Mike Fitzgerald’s blog on the merits of varying growth patterns as they pertain to the Central Valley. It’s been a spirited discussion, to say the least. Today I present to you […]

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Source: 2008-2009 Waterfront and Fremont Park Neighborhood Master Plan

What does Stockton want? Walkable housing! How much of it do we want? Enough to satisfy market demand!

Last week, The Record’s Alex Breitler brought up a very important question on his blog. While participating in an SJCOG survey on the future of growth in the region (which you can access here), Breitler noticed that while a strong majority of participants felt that new development should be built “within existing cities,” an equally […]

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Stockton is not Detroit, for better or worse

Earlier this month, Detroit filed for bankruptcy, knocking Stockton from its perch as the most populous city to have ever gone broke. Suffering from $18 billion in debt, bankruptcy was pretty much inevitable. Since the news broke, the media has been unable to resist the comparisons between Mo Town and Stock Town. However, while the […]

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