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Bankrupt Detroit gets federal “bailout” while bankrupt Stockton gets nothing

Today, the Obama administration triumphantly announced $320 million dollars in federal and private funds to support the newly-bankrupt city of Detroit. The administration felt compelled to intervene in Detroit, fast tracking federal grant money to Mo Town, proclaiming that “We’re going to continue to support the efforts under way in Detroit and ensure the federal […]

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Office parks are not the economic powerhouses they once were (photo c/o Wes Janz

Tracy pins economic hopes on 1980’s-style office park

I don’t usually discuss the goings on in other cities, but a recent story from Tracy caught my eye. Last week, city officials triumphantly announced the approval of a project on the city’s western edge. This 1,796 acre project, situated off of a highly visible stretch of I-205, could bring “tens of thousands of jobs” […]

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Bankruptcy? So what? Stockton’s economic output grows in 2012

Contrary to popular belief, the Stockton economy is growing, albeit at a slower pace than the national average. On Tuesday, the Bureau of Economic Analysis—a subset of the US Department of Commerce—released GDP information for all of the nation’s 381 metropolitan areas. Despite high crime rates and bankruptcy looming over the city, Stockton’s 2012 Gross […]

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Stockton should revise planning policies to reflect new demand for apartments, townhomes and condos in walkable neighborhoods.

Steve Chase has big vision for Downtown Stockton

Steve Chase likes to emphasize that he did not come to Stockton to push papers. As Stockton’s latest Community Development Director, Chase plays an integral role in shaping the city’s growth as it emerges from economic tribulation. According to Chase, who’s been on the job for just over one year, Stockton has all of the […]

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