Archive | October, 2013

Meet Leandro Vicuña, the new CEO of the Downtown Stockton Alliance

When you ask Leandro Vicuña about his vision for downtown, be prepared to stay a while, because the new CEO of the Downtown Stockton Alliance (DSA) has no shortage of ideas, big and small. From cultivating tech start up space to waterfront taxis to painting utility boxes, no idea is too small or too ambitious. […]

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Could we convert the county courthouse into jail space?

In an article last summer, I identified Stockton’s five-ugliest buildings. Among those buildings was the San Joaquin County Courthouse, which has been much maligned both for its lack of functionality as well as its uninspiring aesthetics. Next year, the county will begin construction of a new, 12-story courthouse located on the current site of Hunter […]

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Sprawl is not a product of the free market

A common retort you will hear from sprawl defenders is that our built environment is shaped by the free market. They believe that the single-family tract home developments we are accustomed to today are the result of consumer preference, and if people wanted more apartments or townhomes, they would already exist. Therefore, smart growth must […]

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