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Stockton’s Walkscores show potential for older neighborhoods

Walkscore—the popular website that calculates the walkability of an area based on access to amenities—recently released its 2014 data on walkable cities, and Stockton came out with mixed results. The bad news? Stockton is not very walkable overall, and according to the site has actually become less walkable since last year. But on the bright […]

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What should this empty lot on Stockton’s waterfront be?

Several times a year, thousands of Stocktonians flock to the north side of the downtown waterfront to take in baseball games, hockey matches, concerts, graduations and other events. And while the ballpark, arena and hotel are generally lively, about a fifth of the original Stockton Event Center project remains empty and undeveloped. Just south of […]

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Why doesn’t Stockton annex Lincoln Center?

Today, Stockton voters head to the polls to vote on a sales tax increase to fund more police officers and pay creditors. Certainly, a city struggling through bankruptcy needs to think creatively about increasing revenue. So, as Stocktonians decide the fate of Measures A and B, here is another idea to boost sales tax revenue: […]

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