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Stockton wastes valuable farm land for parking lots that sit empty most of the time.

Why are Stockton’s parking lots so big and empty?

“We need these extra parking spaces for holiday shoppers.” This is the standard response from city planners or big box retailers when asked to explain why there is so much empty parking at newer shopping centers. While these parking lots sit empty nearly the entire year, apologists will invoke the holiday rush between Thanksgiving and […]

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Will Stockton's new city hall space be at 400 E. Main Street?

Stockton to lease space at 400 East Main for new city hall

Back in 2007, city leaders purchased the building at 400 East Main Street to serve as Stockton’s new city hall. Nearly seven years later, the city will finally move into the building, but under remarkably different circumstances. As part of Stockton’s plan of adjustment for exiting bankruptcy, Stockton city hall offices will lease 65,000 square […]

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The current site of the proposed Bear Creek East development

Bear Creek East development proposed in north Stockton

Yesterday The Record’s Scott Smith reported on a proposed new development dubbed Bear Creek East on the northern edge of the city that will include around 1,500 to 2,000 new homes. The project is being put forward by a group known as MCD North Stockton—a joint venture between the investment group HG Capital and developer […]

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Notices went up last week around Hunter Square (c/o Floyd Perry via Alice van Ommeren)

New San Joaquin County Courthouse construction to begin

Last week, the first notices went up around Hunter Square, signaling the start of construction on San Joaquin County’s new $272 million, 13 story courthouse. If everything goes according to plan, the courthouse should be open for business in mid-2016. The new building will replace the existing county courthouse directly to the east, which is presently […]

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Want to renovate this house in the Magnolia District? A new city ordinance may require homeowners and developers to pay thousands more in energy efficiency costs which may dissuade people from investing in older homes such as this one as they generally require more extensive renovations.

Stockton’s green building ordinance probably won’t make Stockton greener

It’s not often that John Beckman and I kind of agree on something, but it turns out we both have some issues (albeit from different perspectives) with Stockton’s proposed green renovation ordinance. On Sunday, The Record reported that, as required by Stockton’s 2008 lawsuit settlement with the Sierra Club, the city will soon consider an […]

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