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The current site of the proposed Bear Creek East development

Developers backtrack on Bear Creek East

The Stockton City Council avoided a controversial decision regarding future residential growth Tuesday, Feb. 25. Without fanfare, the council allowed developers to drop an appeal of a Dec. 12 Stockton Planning Commission decision to halt a residential project in northern Stockton known as Bear Creek East, a sign that sentiment might be shifting away from […]

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Artist rendering of Google Barge docked in San Francisco (By and Large, LLC)

UPDATED: Google Barge officially headed to Stockton

***UPDATE: CNET is reporting that Google Barge will officially move to Stockton in the next week or so, though there has been no official comment from officials with the city or Port of Stockton. You can read the story here. Just two weeks ago, officials from the tech giant Google came to Stockton to hold […]

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Bear Creek East land use plan (available on the

Why the city council should reject Bear Creek East proposal

***UPDATE: Bear Creek East’s developers have withdrawn their planning commission denial appeal before going Tuesday’s council meeting. The project will be shelving for 18-24 months, per documents provided by the city. SCL will have a full story on the project’s status tomorrow Tonight, the city council will consider the approval of Stockton’s first major residential […]

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The intersection at El Dorado and Flora Streets have on crosswalks, forcing pedestrians to choose between crossing the street illegally or venture several blocks in either direction to find a crosswalk.

Debunking the Myth of the Dangerous Crosswalk

As I drove up El Dorado Street from Downtown Stockton during a recent evening, I noticed a man in a wheelchair waiting to cross the street under the glare of my headlights as I drove past, unimpeded by any stop signs or traffic lights.  I looked around wondering, where would he cross as there were […]

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Stockton's 2035 General Plan land use map approved in 2007

General Plan discussion elicits strong response at council meeting

During a nearly three-hour special study session Tuesday evening, Stockton City Council members were urged to adopt a “new version of normal” in regards to planning for future growth. The session was called for by the newly appointed city-manager Kurt Wilson and featured presentations from the city’s Economic Development Department, the regional San Joaquin Council […]

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Figure 3: Inset from H.M. Gousha Company. “Road Map of California”. Chicago: H.M. Gousha, 1941.
Note: State Route 50 and State Route 99 identified in red.

GUEST POST- A City With No Center: Freeways and the Framing of Stockton

SCL is proud to feature the work of Placeholder Magazine, Stockton’s new arts, literature and culture publication. In the inaugural issue released last month, Placeholder featured two very well-researched and thoughtful essays on the state of Stockton’s physical form. Today we highlight “A City With No Center: Freeways and the Framing of Stockton,” written by Lange […]

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Stockton's Fremont Square has gone from gang hangout to school play area

Two groups aim to transform Fremont Square

Downtown Stockton’s Fremont Square may finally be living up to the characteristics of the visionary explorer it was named after. Long known as a haven for localized drug use and criminal activity, a wave of community interest has flooded the neglected public park, making it a possible starting point in the quest to restore downtown. […]

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If demand is low for parking-- as shown here just south of the waterfront-- should the city be charging for it?

The problem with free downtown street parking

As talk of downtown development grows, the calls to change the neighborhood’s parking policies have also increased. Specifically, many have lobbied the city to eliminate parking meters to spur more visits to the area.  On the surface, eliminating parking meters seems like the panacea for slumping downtown businesses. Why would you pay to park downtown […]

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The Stockton Arena garage, in all its hulking-glory

Consultants signal ‘paradigm shift’ for Downtown Stockton parking

The days of searching through pockets and checking under the seat for quarters, dimes and nickels to feed the meter may soon be over in Downtown Stockton. At a public meeting Tuesday evening hosted by the City of Stockton’s Economic Development Department, representatives from two design consulting firms presented their initial ideas for what will […]

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New UOP athletic facility site plan (c/o University of the Pacific)

UPDATED: UOP stadium to be razed, replaced with tennis, soccer and field hockey venues

UPDATED: University officials have provided SCL with an expanded site plan, featuring other facilities such as sand volleyball courts, golf practice greens, and clubhouses. But the most significant upgrade appears to be an expansion of the Spanos Center. There is no timetable for the upgrades. You can see the entire site plan below.  Amos Alonzo […]

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