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Stockton won grant funds to revamp an outdated Bike Master Plan

Could Bicycle Boulevards encourage more cycling in Stockton?

Stockton, like many other American cities, is taking notice of the changing pace of development, particularly surrounding transportation. What has been an automobile-centric status quo is quickly falling out of vogue, particularly among younger demographics. As car use declines, alternative transportation methods are steadily gaining favor, including expanded use of bicycles. While the cost of adding […]

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There is already enough single-family housing to meet demand through 2050, according to recent market research

Is Stockton’s sprawl making the drought worse?

Stockton in many ways can be considered a model city for what smart growth advocates consider sprawl —single-family residential development extending far from the city core, replacing agricultural land and open space with rooftops and pavement. It’s the type of development that can stretch municipal resources, foster reliance on automobiles and increase vehicle emissions. But […]

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Data shows that fewer Ame

Report: States should repair roads rather than build new ones

America is driving its transportation money straight into the ground. According to a new joint report published by Smart Growth America and Taxpayers for Common Sense, states are continuing a dangerous trend of focusing the majority of their transportation funding on the expansion of new roadways and too little on the maintenance and repair of […]

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Is widening I-5 worth the cost?

Stockton officials head to DC to ask for highway money

Next month, city leaders will join other San Joaquin County officials in Washington, DC on their annual lobbying trip, known as One Voice, in hopes of securing federal funding for various projects in Stockton and throughout the county. The San Joaquin Council of Governments (SJCOG) claims that over $100 million has been appropriated from these […]

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Source: 2008-2009 Waterfront and Fremont Park Neighborhood Master Plan

Public-private partnerships key to Stockton’s Climate Action Plan

The recent release of Stockton’s draft Climate Action Plan (CAP) has garnered much discussion over the past few weeks. In February, the plan was introduced for the first time at a city council meeting. And while reaction from council members was tempered, speakers at the podium weren’t hesitant to convey their own emotions regarding the […]

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Source, US Census Flows Mapper

Census: more young and educated individuals are moving to Stockton

With all of the negative headlines, no one would be surprised to see people leaving Stockton in droves. But somewhat surprisingly, that’s not the case. According to data recently made available by the US Census Bureau, not only are more people moving to the Stockton area than are leaving, but many of these new residents […]

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SJCOG has released it's final draft of the RTP/SCS for public comment. Residents may view the plan and provide feeback at

New smart growth plan draws praise from most, but skeptics remain

With the release of a new transportation plan last week, the Stockton region is now poised to move to a more infill-focused and less highway-dependent growth pattern, but not without opposition. Last Thursday, the San Joaquin Council of Governments (SJCOG) released for public comment the long-awaited draft Regional Transportation Plan (RTP)/Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS) which […]

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