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Who are we planning for? First Stockton General Plan workshop sees high turnout, few south Stockton residents or youth

If last week’s standing-room only turnout for the city’s regular Planning Commission meeting is any indication, the people of Stockton (albeit a specific set of people, more on that later) want a say in how their city grows. The regularly scheduled meeting was the venue for the first of several general plan amendment workshops where […]

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Transients and panhandlers are not what’s keeping Downtown Stockton down

Since I’ve returned to Stockton for work after several years on the East Coast, I’ve noticed something quite puzzling in how most Stocktonians view the revitalization of downtown. Many believe that the key to revitalization is getting panhandlers and mentally ill individuals off the streets. Once we do that, people will feel safe enough to […]

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Will the county leave old courthouse standing in Downtown Stockton?

Is San Joaquin County pulling a fast one on the City of Stockton? The Record’s Mike Fitzgerald reported a few weeks ago that San Joaquin County officials appear to be back peddling on a promise to tear down the current courthouse and replace it with a public plaza with underground parking. If true, the move […]

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