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The top infill sites in Stockton that are NOT downtown

When talking infill development in Stockton, Downtown garners the lion’s share of attention, and rightfully so. Downtown Stockton has a perfect street grid structure, strong transit hubs, a plethora of architecturally significant buildings and lots of open lots. These characteristics make the neighborhood the premier spot for infill in Stockton. But the conversation about infill […]

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Sprawl looms large over General Plan meeting

Thursday’s Planning Commission meeting on the General Plan update was intended to discuss neighborhood centers, but the topic of sprawl was clearly looming large over the near-capacity crowd. “There’s a debate out there about how the city should be approaching the lands to the north of Eight Mile Road. It’s an old debate, and it’s […]

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Why HOV lanes won’t help I-5

With all of the construction taking place on Interstate 5, one would think that Stockton was awash in traffic jams. But that’s not the case. On most mornings, I commute south on I-5 to get to work in Downtown Stockton. During this drive, traffic is always free flowing. I only spend about eight minutes total […]

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