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Council approves first step of major Downtown Stockton project

Some Stocktonians have waited through decades of fights, busts and disappointment hoping to see the city’s downtown injected with new life. So it was fitting that an ambitious proposal won its first City Council approval only after an interminable, contentious and completely unrelated public comment period. But the fracas over an appointment to a city […]

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Ten Space's Open Window Project proposes to transform a 15 block area of Downtown Stockton

The future of Downtown Stockton starts today

I first started SCL three years ago with a goal: to get people talking about the revitalization of Stockton, downtown in particular. My topics ranged from walkability, historic preservation and the economic benefits of investment in existing urban areas over paving over farm land. About two years ago, I was introduced to Zac Cort of […]

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Tragic shooting sheds light on need for comprehensive neighborhood revitalization plans

Everyone loves to bash Stockton these days. The thing is, those of us that live here, love the city.  We know there are good parts, and parts that are struggling– like any other city.  And the citizens of these struggling areas are just as concerned as the citizens of areas with less crime, though they often feel […]

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Biennial homeless census reveals deep need for affordable housing in San Joaquin County

According to a report released Tuesday, March 17, there are more homeless individuals than ever on the streets of San Joaquin County. A point-in-time count conducted during the last week of January interviewed 541 people in the county who were staying on the streets, in a car, under an overpass, or in another place not […]

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SCL turns three years old as Stocktonians search for a more urban city

This past weekend, Stockton City Limts officially turned three years old. Started with a modest ambition of getting a handful of people to start talking about ways to improve Stockton through better land use planning, sensible growth and reinvestment in existing urban areas, I am proud to say that SCL is now the premiere resource […]

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A new report by the Council of Infill Builders lays out strategies for revitalizing Central Valley downtowns

Downtown Stockton sees 21% decrease in crime

Downtown Stockton is maligned by many as being unsafe, a notion often cited as a determining factor for avoiding the neighborhood for anything other than jury duty. And on the surface, downtown can appear unseemly at times with graffiti, litter and panhandlers further perpetuating the view that downtown is crime-infested. To this point, The Record […]

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Spanos is focusing on more sustainable development, but until that development occurs within city limits, it should still be dubbed as sprawl

With recession lifting, will sprawl resume?

As Stockton shakes off the storm clouds of bankruptcy and looks to a brighter future, it’s fair to wonder if smart growth will be a forgotten priority. Though the City Council and city planners embraced the imperative for a more sustainable, less sprawl-filled future during the city’s time in bankruptcy, there seems to be little […]

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