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Could Stockton use eminent domain to stop foreclosures?

On Tuesday, I attended a panel discussion at the Center for American Progress on the use of eminent domain to stop foreclosures. This controversial program is being seriously considered by dozens of cities, including some in the Central Valley. After the panel, I was able to catch up briefly with Steven Gluckstern, Chairman of Mortgage […]

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Eminent domain to the rescue? How cities may use the controversial law to help underwater homeowners

Eminent domain is always a touchy topic to bring up. Usually, the utilization of eminent domain is met by fierce protest from those who stand to have their homes razed for a new airport, railway or other project deemed a “public use.” In Stockton, eminent domain was used to clear a path for the crosstown […]

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Right to Rent: an alternative to foreclosure

In Stockton, pretty much everyone knows someone who has had to deal with being underwater. The city has consistently ranked near the top in national foreclosure lists, jostling with Las Vegas for this infamous title year after year. Foreclosures are a blight on Stockton, a problem for banks and a nightmare for the families who […]

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