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RTD planning new Metro Express route in South Stockton

As cities across the country clamor for more reliable public transportation infrastructure, Stockton is quietly laying the groundwork for an expansion of its wildly popular Bus Rapid Transit service known as the Metro Express. Advertisements

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Can Metro Express foster Transit Oriented Development in Stockton?

With the introduction of Bus Rapid Transit, Stockton residents now have an efficient and effective method of transportation along some of the city’s most vital corridors. Metro Express’s amenities put it on par with many other Bus Rapid Transit systems around the country, and city riders have taken advantage, pushing ridership numbers to heights not […]

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How Stockton’s Bus Rapid Transit improves public transportation and spurs economic development (Part 1)

Back in the roaring 20s, Stockton, like most cities of its size, had an extensive rail system, boasting 28 miles of track and as many as 40 streetcars. Taking public transportation was commonplace, with fares costing just five cents and trolleys arriving every five minutes. But as the 20s ended, the 30s ushered in the […]

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