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It’s time to turn Center and El Dorado back into two-way streets

Have you ever tried to cross Center Street by foot to get to Weber Point? How about trying to get from City Hall from the east side of El Dorado Street? It’s definitely not easy, with cars bearing down at speeds approaching 40mph. And with so few protected crosswalks, you’re sometimes forced to play Frogger, […]

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Even more evidence against one-way streets: they don’t reduce traffic

Last month, I wrote about the benefits of converting one-way streets into two-ways, noting how this switch could help with the revitalization of Downtown Stockton. Making this relatively simple change creates a safer environment for pedestrians while increasing visibility for businesses along these streets, providing an economic boost. As noted in my article, one-ways were […]

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Simple Fix: turn downtown one-way streets into two-ways

Driving in downtown Stockton can be quite confusing, with its array of one-way streets. If you miss your destination, it could take a few extra blocks before you can turn around. If there aren’t many cars, it’s easy to overlook one-way signs, leading to dangerous situations. It’s so intimidating that when I was preparing to […]

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