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Stockton’s first green, buffered bike lanes coming in 2017

Stockton isn’t exactly known as “bike friendly.” While other cities large and small have prioritized cycling infrastructure, our city continues to lag behind the curve. Even as our neighbors in Sacramento and Modesto make huge strides this area, cyclists and pedestrians in Stockton are left wondering when the city will be responsive to their needs. […]

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The top infill sites in Stockton that are NOT downtown

When talking infill development in Stockton, Downtown garners the lion’s share of attention, and rightfully so. Downtown Stockton has a perfect street grid structure, strong transit hubs, a plethora of architecturally significant buildings and lots of open lots. These characteristics make the neighborhood the premier spot for infill in Stockton. But the conversation about infill […]

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The five worst streets in Stockton

Stockton has a lot of roads. At nearly 62 square miles in size (not counting unincorporated areas), a lot of asphalt is needed to stitch together all the corners of the city. But our roads vary greatly, with some much nicer than others. Many of our streets lack sidewalks and bike lanes, creating unpleasant experiences […]

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