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Stockton’s Walkscores show potential for older neighborhoods

Walkscore—the popular website that calculates the walkability of an area based on access to amenities—recently released its 2014 data on walkable cities, and Stockton came out with mixed results. The bad news? Stockton is not very walkable overall, and according to the site has actually become less walkable since last year. But on the bright […]

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The problem with Stockton’s Walkscores

Growing up off of Kelly Drive in North Stockton, I lived in a “somewhat walkable” neighborhood, according to Walkscore, the website that calculates the walkability of neighborhoods and cities. This rating makes sense on paper as I grew up fairly close to the Becks Colonial shopping centers—just .2 miles away, to be exact. A grocery […]

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Education and the built environment: How walking and biking to school helps students learn better

Growing up, I was fortunate to live close enough to my elementary school in Stockton that I could walk or bike everyday. Once I was old enough, I made the daily half-mile trek from my home near Kelly Drive, over Mosher Slough to Wagner Holt. Today, a half mile is nothing, but back then, it […]

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